What do you buy?
We pay cash for DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, Video Games, vinyl records as well as many game systems and accessories!

Do you give cash or credit?
WE PAY CASH!  A lot of our competitors lead you to believe that they give you more if you take store credit, but they actually just give you less if you take cash.  At CD Exchange / Movie Exchange, we give you the full value of your items in cash.

How do you determine your sales prices and buy back offers?
Our buying system searches a variety of online sources to determine the real-time value of everything we see, so that you always get what your items are worth when you sell to us, and you get a great price on the items you buy from us.

How much are my items worth?
Because our software determines the real-time value of every item that comes in, it is impossible for us to know what something is worth without scanning it into the computer.  Just bring it in, and we’ll have you paid and on your way in a matter of minutes!

Do you have this item in stock?
Because our inventory is constantly changing, it is impossible to know what a store has in stock without speaking to them directly, but feel free to call us!

What else do you offer?

  • Disc Resurfacing – We can repair most scratched discs for far less than the cost to replace them!
  • Customer requests – We don’t have what you’re looking for?  Just leave your name and phone number, and we’ll call you as soon as we get one in!
  • Gift Cards – Available in ANY amount!